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Uplift Learning is the premier destination for anyone who wants to unlock their full potential. Improve your grades – or support your child’s learning journey. We have the expertise and resources to help you succeed.

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Our qualified instructors use effective teaching methods and personalised support, which enables us to enhance academic performance and facilitate progress.

Experienced and Qualified Instructors

All our instructors are qualified educators who bring expertise in teaching teenagers and possess deep knowledge of adolescent development. They are trained in NLP techniques and create engaging, age-appropriate learning environments, promoting academic growth and personal development.

Personalised Approach for Teenagers

We recognise the individuality of each teenager and their specific learning requirements, and tailor our education approach to match their strengths, learning styles, and challenges. Through personalised attention and customized learning experiences, we provide the necessary support for academic and personal excellence.

Holistic Approach to Teenage Development

A holistic approach to education fosters social, emotional, and intellectual growth. Our programs promote character development, critical thinking, problem-solving, and resilience-building, addressing the broader aspects of teenage development to nurture well-rounded individuals.

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Introducing Kay Leslie Empowering Teenagers For Academic Success & Purposeful Life Paths

Welcome to Uplift Learning, where we revolutionise education and help teenagers unleash their true potential. Our visionary Founder and CEO, Kay Leslie, is dedicated to empowering students to excel academically and discover their life’s purpose.

Kay Leslie, an award-winning educator in education, equips teenagers with essential skills that drive academic success and provide clarity for their future endeavours. Understanding the unique challenges young minds face, Kay has developed innovative training courses tailored to address these needs.

At Uplift Learning, our workshops go beyond traditional tutoring. Under Kay Leslie’s guidance, we foster a holistic approach to skills learning, helping teenagers overcome academic obstacles while preparing them for a purposeful life path.

Join Kay Leslie and the Uplift Learning community on this transformative journey to redefine education and unlock the full potential of teenagers. Together, we will empower your child to thrive academically and discover their true purpose in life. Experience the difference and unlock a brighter future for your teenager with Uplift Learning today.

Best Teenager Skills Educator 2023 - South Africa

Learning Support Provider - 2023

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