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Being the number 1 place for educators, parents, and students to come and enrich their lives. We offer services to help students grow and develop with better grades. We help educators see their potential and enable them to leave an echo for generations to come.
We are known to be trustworthy and true to our commitments. We only work with the best and most passionate service providers who have evidence of their success.
We help parents unlock their child’s potential so they can succeed in life, school and university so that they have a successful future.


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Hi, We are Uplift Learning. Get to know us better.

About Us

Here at Uplift Learning, we are dedicated to changing the way in which students learn new skills and how their parents can assist them on their learning journey. We are a South African based company that offers training courses designed to unlock the hidden potential in each and every student.

We are not a traditional tutoring company. We don’t teach Mathematics or Science; rather we look at the core learning problems that many students face when encountering difficulties at school and teach solutions. We also provide fantastic insights to parents on how they can assist their children and offer them the best way forward that benefits everyone.

What exactly do we provide? We provide skills workshops that focus on enabling students to learn how to approach solving problems. The skills we teach aren’t limited to specific subjects, rather we are focused on teaching students how to learn. We approach skills learning with the whole picture in mind, not just as a means to an end.