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We are uplift learning

Here at Uplift Learning, we are dedicated to changing the way in which students learn new skills and how their parents can assist them on their learning journey. We are a South African based company that offers training courses designed to unlock the hidden potential in each and every student.

We are not a traditional tutoring company. We don’t teach Mathematics or Science; rather we look at the core learning problems that many students face when encountering difficulties at school and teach solutions. We also provide fantastic insights to parents on how they can assist their children and offer them the best way forward that benefits everyone.

What exactly do we provide? We provide skills workshops that focus on enabling students to learn how to approach solving problems. The skills we teach aren’t limited to specific subjects, rather we are focused on teaching students how to learn. We approach skills learning with the whole picture in mind, not just as a means to an end.

Is that all we do? Far from it! As our name suggests, we also offer workshops for people who want to make a difference in their own lives. We want to help everyone achieve success in their fields by helping them to understand that some skills are universal and if applied correctly can make a huge difference in their lives.

To sum up, our platform caters to the skill of learning. We will show you how you can learn better and reduce your efforts to retain more information. Whether you are a student or just someone that wants to do better, we are here to help!

We work and play by this philosophy:
“Legacy is not leaving something FOR people; it’s leaving something IN people”

About our founder / CEO

Kay Leslie

My story began just about two decades ago when I left the safety and comfort of South Africa. I left everything that I had known and began an adventure in foreign lands and their cultures. My aim while away from home was to discover what I was really passionate about in life. I wanted to learn what values drove my life forward and how to articulate my experiences to others. I wanted to share everything that I had learnt.

While in India I learnt about the power of joy and the strength derived from the endurance due to hardship. Later in Japan I came to understand how balance is a way of life, not just a destination. In the cold and moody climate of England I understood the true meaning of heritage. This really showed me how living with purpose can enable a person to change the world.  To sum it up, on my journey I discovered what life meant to me and I really stood in awe of people who were making a difference in their communities and beyond. That is what inspired me to start Uplift Learning.

Uplift Learning was founded so that it could assist people to understand their passions and how to make change practical. I love to see people grow into taking their passions and making them a reality for themselves. From that moment when a person understands HOW to learn a skill, whether it be a technical subject or a relational skill, to the point where they can grow in their purpose.

Having a goal to work toward, I need to get practical in my journey. I realized that to be an effective trainer I needed to be SETA approved first. This meant I could become a behavioural specialist that was qualified in Nero-linguistic Programming (NLP) practices.  This big step led to me being able to start Uplift Learning. This is a platform that has distilled all my experiences and professional background into practical and actionable knowledge that will help you take that next step in your journey to improving yourself.

My desire is to help each and every person who is wanting to improve themselves. To help them understand what their goals are and how to create actionable steps that can get them to those goals. It is not easy to step out of one’s comfort zone, but having a clear plan of improvement will make the difficult effort worth it. I would encourage you to have a look at the workshops we have. We have a variety of topics that we cover that are suitable for high-school students, parents and everyone in general – our courses will not exclude anyone. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions.

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