About our founder / CEO

Kay Leslie

I’m passionate about helping you grow into the powerful, energised and world altering person you were created to be, so that your legacy echo’s and impacts generations to come.

My story begins almost two decades ago, when I left the safety South Africa, and everything I knew and ventured out into foreign lands and cultures.

In India I learnt about the power of joy, and the strength derived from the endurance of hardship. In Japan I came to understand how balance is a way of life, not a destination. In England I discovered the true meaning of heritage and how living with purpose can change the world.

Throughout my story I’ve met amazing people, not just while travelling but throughout my career as a motivational trainer. Each person, no matter how “globally influential” has left me with a piece of wisdom, something unique to them.

On starting my own training organisation I’ve distilled these humbling experiences with places and people into useful, actionable knowledge that will help you take that next valuable step in your journey to fulfilling your destiny.

At Uplift learning you’ll find workshops and courses that enable you to learn, not just from the material presented, but from the other people at the course as well as from your own experiences.

I have the skill to break through your barriers, identify potential leadership qualities and attributes in each individual in order to motivate living life to the fullest. I respect all religions and my belief as Christian woman is that God’s presence during this self-development process is crucial.

I am a behavioural specialist who is qualified in Nero-linguistic Programming (NLP) practices. I have a Home Education Diploma. I’m a qualified Moderator, Assessor, and Facilitator. Taught children in Tokyo in English for 2 years and specialised in creating training departments for companies in UK & RSA.

If you would like to discuss how I could help you personally, please contact me on kay@upliftlearning.co.za.





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