Have you noticed that for some unknown reason, everyone has started this year with enthusiasm? There seems to be a buzz in the air with people stating how this year is going to be their year and their year of succeeding.

Well, I agree.

Why not make this the year that you make the necessary changes in your life to succeed. To put into place those steps which is required to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

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If you are serious about this being your year, then you need to be open to change.

The question you need to then ask yourself is, are you prepared to change and are you open to it? If you don’t know, here is a quick assessment you can do to find out:

How Are You at Change?

Put an X in the column which you mostly feel is YOU. Once you’ve done all the questions, add them up by giving a score Strongly Agree -4, Agree – 3, Neutral – 2, Disagree – 1, Strongly Disagree – 0. Try not to cheat and look ahead at the answers.

 Strongly AgreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly Disagree
Change makes me feel great!
I stay positive when disaster strikes.
When I decide to make a change, I take immediate action.
When I am going to make a major life change, I speak to other people in a similar situation.
When I look back on past difficult changes, I realize they were learning experiences.
When I talk to others about difficult changes in my own life, I tell them how I am going to improve my situation or attitude towards the situation.
My friends would say that I handle change positively.
When I feel uneasy about changes, I do something to help me get over it, and power through.
When I have a big change, I take a little time to think.
When a change happens in my life, I feel good about it.
Strongly Agree -4     Agree – 3     Neutral – 2     Disagree – 1     Strongly Disagree – 0Total:____________



32 – 40 points – Change Rock Star!
21 – 31 points – Proficient at change!
11 – 20 points – Indifferent with change.
1-10 points – Change-a-phobic!

From the above results, you will know how much you need to improve on dealing with change.

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So what is change?
1. Change is something that presses us out of our comfort zone.
2. It is destiny-filtered, heart grown, faith built.
3. Change is inequitable; not a respecter of persons.
4. Change is for the better or for the worst, depending on where you view it.
5. Change has an adjustment period which varies on the individual. It is uncomfortable, for changing from one state to the next upsets our control over outcomes.
6. Change has a ripping effect on those who won’t let go. Flex is the key. Even a roller coaster ride can be fun if you know when to lean and create new balance within the change.
7. Change is needed when all the props and practices of the past no longer work.
8. Change is not comforted by the statement ‘just hang in there’ but with the statement ‘you can make it’. We don’t grow in retreat but through endurance.
9. Change isn’t fixed by crying, worrying, or mental treadmilling.
10. Change is won by victors, not victims, and that choice is ours.

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So, you will need to make these changes in your life but how do you go about it? Well, below is a diagram of how to work this out:

Strategy ComponentSample Language/Notes
Description of the proposed change vision, and its goalsState what the change required is. What is the outcome you are wanting due to doing this?
The reasons(s) why the change is necessaryState all the reasons why you feel you need to change this aspect of yourself.
Critical success measures and key performance indicatorsState what risks can happen when doing this change and how are you going to address it if it happens.

What measurements are you going to put in place to ensure that this change happens? How will you be able to see over a certain period of time if this change is working?

Who needs to be involved?State all the people that need to get involved and what roles are they expected to play in helping you with this change.
Key messages to communicateHow are you going to communicate with each key player and how often and what information?
Roles and ResponsibilitiesState what each key players roles and responsibilities will be in order to assist you.
The target time frame to achieve goalsYou can have milestones of when each step of the change needs to happen. State when you feel this change needs to be completed by and state what it would look like when completed.
Focus AreasWhat areas need to be focused on when doing this change?


Once you have done the above exercise, you will have a better idea of what steps you need to put in place to ensure that the necessary changes happen to make it YOUR YEAR!
We’re rooting for you and hope you’ll sign up with Uplift Learning for all the encouragement and cheering we’re going to be sending your way.

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