Refresher Session – How to Study


If your child has previously completed the How to Study course but needs a refresher to reignite and reinvigorate their understanding of the skills they learned, then this is the course for them. We will assist your child by revisiting memory techniques, evaluating their current study planners, reviewing existing mind maps, and addressing any issues they may encounter.

This course is tailored to address their specific needs based on the skills acquired in the original HOW TO STUDY course. It aims to enhance their initial skill set and demonstrate how to apply these techniques to their current studies. Ideal for students preparing for exams or tests, this refresher course provides the necessary boost to excel academically.

This is a few hours online course, the timing is dependant on each student and how much we need to revise.

NOTE: This price is PER HOUR! Please choose the total amount of hours you feel your child requires. We recommend a minimum of 2 hours.