Maybe this year was shiny, bright, and amazing. Maybe it was 12 months you’d rather forget. But as the New Year hovers just around the corner, regardless of how this one went, you need to figure out what you need to learn and grow from for the future.

In Part 1 of this series, we looked at reflecting on the past year by month to month breakdown (click here to read that article); in this article we are going to look at reflecting on the past year by examining different areas of life.

Looking back on the year is not about beating yourself up and seeing what you need to do better. It’s about rejoicing, even if you have plenty to rejoice about; a job, good friends, daily meals. It can be tough to know where to start. Or it can feel all too easy to dwell on disappointments.

I don’t know about you, but I tend to always want to look towards the future or am always moving towards the next task, event or tick on my “to-do-list”.  We don’t often take enough time to think about why we succeeded at something, never mind celebrate.

We also struggle to evaluate our mistakes and failures because it is hard and sometimes painful. It forces us to take a look at ourselves and face things that we might not like. Both sides are equal parts challenging, frustrating, motivating and rewarding but all are vital to goal setting.

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By taking some time to evaluate 2022 you are already setting yourself up for a more proactive approach to 2023.

Technique Two:  Different Areas of Life Review

  1. Find a quiet place and block off about 30 minutes.

It’s important to not have any electronics near you for distraction. Find a peaceful place where you won’t be distracted and use this time to really focus on your thoughts.

2.  Let your imagination wander.

For the first few minutes, simply let your mind wander back on the year. What were the happy moments? The sad moments? What was the best part of your vacation? Did you start a new job? When did you cry the loudest? Laugh the hardest? Bullet point few notes of the different things that happened throughout the year to be able to refer to when you do this exercise.


3.  Ask yourself: What type of movie would last year be?

Would the film be a documentary because you learned a lot? Was it a hapless rom-com of failed dates and hilarious friends’ nights? Was it an action film filled with exciting adventures? Or perhaps it was a drama because, well, the year made you sad?

Write down what genres your past year would reflect and jot down some points as to why you feel this way. Once you have done this, ask yourself if you are happy with this genre and what genre would you prefer 2022 to be.

These thoughts will assist you when doing the exercises for creating your new years resolutions and next years goals.

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Here are some ideas for the different types of genres your year may be like:

Film NoirShortHistory


4.  Write down one accomplishment from each area of your life.

Write down something you’re proud of from:

  1. Your personal life:

2.  Your family life:

3.  Professional life:

4.  Romantic life:

5.  Physical life:

6.  Spiritual life:

7.  Financial life:

While doing this exercise, I’m sure some negative behaviours might have come to mind, this will make you aware of

what behaviours to stop in the year to come. But looking at the positive aspects, will make you realise that you can give yourself a pat on the back and keep reinforcing those positive behaviours in 2023.

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The important thing to remember is that when doing any of these exercises, ensure that you are writing your thoughts down and not just thinking them; since this will be helpful when I guide you through how to ensure that your new years resolutions stick and how to ensure that you achieve your goals for 2020.  Remember if you need extra help with how to write goals and what steps to take to achieve them, then click HERE

In the next article, we will be looking at reflecting on your previous year in more detail. Click here for Reflecting on The Past Year: Part 3 of 3