Uplift Learning Schools Program-Know Your Purpose

The purpose of our programme.

We have developed a programme that has been aimed at schools to help students get motivated in the subjects they’ve chosen, to be encouraged in their future and help them self motive in studying towards improving their futures. It also helps reduce the pressure of having to choose the correct subjects without knowing what career they are going into. Our “Know your purpose” course helps students focus in school by assisting them in creating clear goals and understand what they would like to achieve later on in life.

We guide the parents and students to be aligned with which career really suits them so that they can fully support their child every step of the way.

How it works

  • Our “Know Your Purpose” is aimed at grades 8 – 12 to assist learners on what steps to take to implement the future they want. This helps where students are more focused in class and highly motivated about their future when they have a clear understanding of themselves and how they might live and work when they leave school. This workshop is personalised to each learner.
  • This workshop can be adapted to reinforce what is learnt in Life Orientation Class.
  • This workshop helps motivate learners to want to focus more on their studies due to having a better idea of which subjects are important to them and understand how this will help them in the future – thus this should assist in the increase of learners grades and university distinctions.
  • Since your percentages will increase, this will encourage more favourable parents to want their children to attend your school – thus having a better quality of students attending your schools.
  • Your school will earn 10% commission for every student that signs up to do this workshop. So, as an example:

If we were to charge R1000 per student, that means the school will earn R100 per student. So if you have on average 60 students per grade x 4 grades = 240 students =R24 000. This will help towards your projects that you are currently fund raising for.

  • You tell us how much we will charge each studentThe minimum would be R350 per student per day.
  • You decide if a parent wants more than one child to attend, does the parent get a certain amount off their second child’s seat price? If so, how much?
  • We also believe in giving back to the community and understand that in every school there are some students which are financially strapped. Therefore for every 30 students that sign up, we offer one student for free. You can decide who those individuals are.
  • The minimum amount of students per session is 20 due to the energisers and energy that goes into facilitating this workshop.
  • You tell us when this program is better suited to your school.

Some ideas:

    • A Friday and Saturday
    • Two Saturday’s in a row
    • Two days straight after exam time, before end of term.
    • Two days during school holiday’s
  • This will be held on the school premises. You will need to inform us of where would be more suitable.
  • Full two days: Since this is a full day from 8.30am – 4.30pm, we will be providing lunch in the form of platters of food for the children.
  • Idea: This program can be stretched to three days so that it’s not so intense for the children, however this will then be a minimum of R450 per student.
  • Good news – We assist with the marketing material sent out to the students parents.
  • Additional R50 charge per student: We can provide a toolbox to give each parent with instructions on what to do with their children once they’ve completed the workshop.

Know Your Purpose Contents

  • What is Power, Purpose and Passion?  
  • Why is it important to know your purpose?


  • What are my Principles?
  • What Are My Values?   
  • Priorities – what matters most 
  • What are Priorities?      
  • What My Life Reflects Right Now            
  • Wheel of Life as of Now              
  • Prioritising Your Current Life     
  • My Strongest Principles               
  • My Top Principles           


2.1          CHARACTER POWERS    

a) Personality Profiles

  • Personality Profile Scoring Sheet            
  • Combined Totals           

b) Combining Your Gifts

  • The Four Personality Profiles – Descriptions      
  • Weighing Emotions       
  • Use the Strengths           
  • My Personality Traits    
  • My Top Personality Traits           

c) Discovering Your Motivational Gifts 

  • Tabulation Chart             
  • Understanding the Seven Motivational Gifts     
  • Motivational Gift Definitions    
  • Understanding and Using Your Motivational Gifts           
  • My Motivational Gifts   
  • My Top Motivational Gifts          


  • What I Like – What Makes Me Feel Strong, Happy or Special?    
  • What I Dislike – What Makes Me Feel Weak, Unhappy?
  • Weaknesses – My Weaknesses That are a Decision        
  • What am I Born to be Good at? 
  • What Have I Learned to be Good at?      

2.3. Powers Summary

  • My Strongest Abilities Powers 
  • My Top Ability Powers 
  • Live Your Dream              
  • The Importance of Having a Vision         
  • Create a Vision

        Wisions = Wish + Vision

  • Wision Joggers
  • Wisions: What I want to HAVE  
  • Wisions: What I want to DO       
  • Wisions: What I want to BE        
  • My Top Three Wisions  
  • My Strongest Wisions   


  • What Makes Me Upset 
  • What Touches My Heart?            
  • If I knew I couldn’t fail…              
  • If I knew they would praise me…            
  • Things you didn’t do.    
  • What’s Truly Important to Me? 
  • If I had my Life to Live Over       
  • My Legacy – Who Am I?
  • My Epitaph        
  • My Most Important Passions     
  • My Top Three Passions


  • My Purpose – Professional & Career      
  • My Purpose – Past-Time, Lifestyle, Hobbies       
  • My Purpose – Pursuit, Ministry, Significance      
  • My Purpose Statement


  • Finding the Motivation to Change Your Entire Life          
  • What Gets in the Way   
  • The Make It Happen Actions      
  • The Importance of Goal Setting               
  • My Goal to be On Purpose          
  • Why I Will Do What It Takes  

NOTE: We offer a one day workshop which purley focuses on career and subject choice – SHAPE YOUR FUTURE.

Click here for more information>>https://upliftlearning.co.za/uplift-learning-schools-program-shape-your-future/

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