Uplift Learning Schools Program-How To Learn


The purpose of our programme:

We have developed a programme that has been aimed at schools to help students learn the correct practices for studying.

We aim to inspire learners to take responsibility for their own studies and achieve fantastic academic results. With our proven effective approach to learning, your learners can easily:

  • Learn effective reading techniques needed for studying
  • Know how to effectively time-manage their work to avoid last-minute cramming of information
  • Know how to set the correct study and homework timetables
  • Know how to summarise their work and use mind maps
  • Learn memorisation techniques & maximise their memory
  • Know how to process & organise the information given to ensure understanding
  • Eliminate learning anxieties boosting their self-esteem and confidence
  • Learn exam techniques to ensure they are prepared for exams

How it works:

This result-driven course was developed by a very experienced high school PRINCIPAL and that teaches learners HOW TO LEARN! This course is aimed at assisting learners to organise the information in a way that makes sense to them, to show them how to analyse the information presented and think for themselves, and then how to take the information they’ve learnt and put it into manageable pieces for them to work through at a pace that is suitable for them. It also helps with preparing for tests and exams and demonstrates what steps to put into place to ensure they’re ready to write them. This will be held at your school premises at a date suitable for you. We are able to mix the grades, letting the Grades 6 – 9 off earlier and keeping the older grades later to finish the last two modules.

We have two workshops – grade specific:

A) Grades 6 – 9 = 6 Hours

B) Grades 10 – 12 = 8 Hours

Course Contents:


  • The Study Process
  • MODULE ONE: Understanding and Maximising Your Memory
    • Structure of Human Memory
    • The Dangers of Learning Purely By Heart (Rote-Learning) & Without Understanding Concepts
  • MODULE TWO: How Do I Organise Myself & My Work?
    • Organising Your Workbooks
    • Organising Your Work Area
  • MODULE THREE: Three Easy Steps to Effective Time Management
    • Step One: Use Your Diary
    • Step Two: Plot Your Priority Planner
    • Step Three: Plot Your Session Planner
  • MODULE 4: Mind Mapping
    • What is Mind Mapping?
    • The Two Different Types of Mind Maps
  • MODULE FIVE: Controlling Examination Anxiety
    • Preparation Before the Exam
    • What to Do on the Day of the Exam
  • MY GOALS: What Will I Do to Ensure That I Put These Techniques into Action.


  • MODULE SIX: Processing Information
  • MODULE SEVEN: Essays & Assignment Design, Referencing & Plagiarism
    • Creating the Essay or Assignment
    • Structure and Presentation of Your Document
    • Referencing & Avoiding Plagiarism

The Offer

  • One day transformational workshop (Value: R9 970)
  • A lifelong comprehensive learner workbook for continual implementation and improvement (Value: R150)
  • A meal to assist in concentration and focus (R95)
  • BONUS: A supportive tool for continual support and implementation for PARENTS (Value: R2 340)
  • BONUS: 16 Keys to Motivating Your Teenager written by Daniel Wong e-book emailed to all the parents. (Author of “The Happy Student: 5 Steps to Academic Fulfillment and Success” – More Info Here)
  • BONUS: All teachers from that grade receive workbook called “How to motivate, encourage & praise students” (Value: R250 per teacher)
    (Find out more about this workbook HERE) (Number of students depending)

Total Value per learner: R14 205

Schools Pricing

  • Schools can either subsidise, co-subsidise or charge parents a full rate per learner – accruing any over-and-above funds for itself. (Great opportunity for fund raising for the school)

    Grades 6 – 9: 6 hours

    • 30 – 49 learners: R16 000 (Average Price Per Learner: R326)
    • 50 – 70 learners: R21 500 (Average Price Per Learner: R307)
    • 70 – 100 learners: R25 500 (Average Price Per Learner: R255)
    • 100+ learners – discussion to be held


    Grades 10 – 12: 8 hours

    • 30 – 49 learners: R18 000 (Average Price Per Learner: R367)
    • 50 – 70 learners: R22 500 (Average Price Per Learner: R321)
    • 70 – 100 learners: R26 000 (Average Price Per Learner: R260)
    • 100+ learners – discussion to be held

About the Course Developer...

Antony Radomsky

I completed a four-year Bachelor of Physical Education majoring in Education and Psychology (specialising in Guidance in 4th Year) at the University of Witwatersrand, qualifying with Degree with Distinction. Following graduation, I taught at various primary and high schools, teacher training centres, lectured and counselled at tertiary level, was involved in management and teaching at a special needs educational institution, as well as in management and sales in the commercial world. During my post-graduation years, I published a teacher/student manual on Practical Learning Skills. And I’m a qualified Assessor. I have been a high school principal for the last 4 years and prior to this, Director of Academics and a Life Orientation Educator.

About your Facilitator

Kay Leslie

I am a behavioural specialist who is qualified in Nero-linguistic Programming (NLP) practices. Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy which is the use of psychological methods, particularly when based on regular personal interaction, to help a person change behaviour and overcome problems in desired ways. It aims to improve an individual’s well-being and mental health, to resolve or mitigate troublesome behaviours, beliefs, compulsions, thoughts, or emotions, and to improve relationships.

I am a qualified Moderator, Assessor and facilitator with over 18 years in the training arena. Having trained people into their best version of themselves in 4 continents and 4 countries – India, Japan, England and South Africa.

I’m passionate about helping you grow into the powerful, energised and world altering person you were created to be, so that your legacy echo’s and impacts generations to come.

I have the skill to break through your barriers, identify potential leadership qualities and attributes in each individual in order to motivate living life to the fullest. I respect all religions and my belief as Christian woman is that God’s presence during this self-development process is crucial.

Additional Course Information

This successful course was developed by a high school principal which shows your child how to learn, setting them up for success moving forward, so that they don’t keep struggling throughout their school career. In other words, this isn’t just to help them on a once-off basis for their upcoming exam time. Far more importantly, it is designed to be of benefit to them for the rest of their study career – and beyond.

By teaching them how to organize and break down information, they’ll be able to process it more effectively and at a pace that suits them. Also showing them how to prepare for exams with tips on avoiding exam anxiety and how to structure essays.

The course is designed to enhance learners’ abilities to organize, analyse and synthesize information.  The skills focus on the holistic development of information – processing abilities, rather than any `rote – learning – quick – fixes’.  On-going application of the skills mediated in the modules will equip learners with the practical knowledge necessary to perform at their best.

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